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 70 € all included
Valid for 3 years 
Mailing of the Approved Rating
in two cardboard folders and
available on the artist's website
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I have received the two copies of the quotation agreement and thank you for them. They are very nice. Thank you also for your time and investment in the artists. Joy DURAND (Gyl)

Your approved quotation file associated with your Dictionary of listed artists has brought me good sales for 15 years. Thank you for your support. Serge HELLY

Thanks to your approved quotation, my sales order book has increased significantly. LANCIAUX J-M

Your quotation... nothing is more reassuring to sell. Jeanne BLANC

I am pleased to be listed among your artists. Your approved quotation guarantees my work as well as my exhibitions. The buyer is thus comforted because he knows how much your opinion is a reference. Melanie BARON

For 21 years, I have benefited from your approved quotation, which is an indisputable advantage for selling my works. Moreover, one of my clients, victim of a theft, had mandated the expert of his insurance to contact me. I gave him a copy of my approved quotation. He reimbursed the painting at the amount approved by Christian Sorriano. Daniel LALLEMAND

My quotation, approved by you, guarantees my exhibitions and by its professional quality reassures and confirms the buyer in his choice, his "coup de coeur". CLAU

My accredited rating gives me immense pride and moral security. Thank you for your availability and seriousness. We artists are lucky to know you. France GAUTHIER GAUDESSE

The artist is known through the distribution of
its works and its official quotation
It was created in 1985, in Art and Antiques magazines, newspapers and TV Hebdo by Christian SORRIANO, whose experience of the Art market earned him the task of "Structuring the Art and Antiques professions" by ministerial decree of the French government: "To structure the professions of Art and Antiques".
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The only official quotation
of the Contemporary Art market
Why an Approved Rating? : It is indispensable, because each artist exists only through the distribution of his or her work and its quotation.
How is it calculated? : After examining the quality of the works, given the prices charged on the art market and the artist's sales prices.
The advantages ? : In addition to presenting it to justify its sales prices to the public, it is accepted by insurance companies, courts and customs.
Its compliance? : It is established and signed after exchanges with an Auctioneer and Chartered Appraiser who is an authority on the Art Market and was entrusted by ministerial decree with structuring in France: "The Art and Antiques professions".
Its presentation ? : On glossy paper 26 x 21 cm and on the Internet.
Reimbursement of expenses ? : 70 € all inclusive including printing and sending of two copies of the file.
In the Art and Antiques market, the connoisseur of all countries demands guarantees, of which the Cotation is the key. Without a quotation, the door to the sale will remain closed. From then on, vigilance is required when faced with individuals ready to do anything to extort money from artists. But how can you find your way around? Quite simply by requiring a Cotation on paper signed and stamped by an Auctioneer and Expert approved by the courts or customs. A file sent by email and entitled "Certification" with simply a name and the word "expert" is an expert... but in fraud. They proliferate like weeds on the Internet.


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